CMSt ver. 071 – Root Abyss & New Bosses!

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CMSt ver. 071 – Root Abyss & New Bosses!

Post by xRhaz on Tue 18 Dec 2012 - 0:37

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CMSt ver. 071 – Root Abyss & New Bosses!

This post title might seem a bit random, but actually it’s very surprising! China MapleStory’s test server has released the new area and bosses of Root Abyss before kMSt! This area is the one hinted at with all of these boss previews and even one of the last Inkwell’s Secret Diary entries! I don’t know why CMSt got it first, but I’ll try my best to cover it~ It’s really really interesting because it is really important to the storyline of MapleStory~

Please note that many of the translations I am using are from Hadriel of Southperry from this thread, so huge thanks to him for posting them!

The new area is located in Sleepywood actually! You can see the root of a large tree off the path to Ant Tunnel.

My guess is that once you approach it with your character in game, you’ll fall into it (obviously).

You will then find yourself in the Root Abyss! It’s a new area with 4 new bosses! This area is for levels 110 to 160. There’s only one map in between each boss so it’s not that great for training though.

Each boss has two different modes, one for levels 110 and over and the other for levels 140 and over.

You will be awakened by a girl named Alice. Now… there’s something special about her that you should know.

Alice is the World Tree, the Transcendence of Life for the Maple World! After the battle with the Black Mage, her powers became very weak. She rested in the Root Abyss, at the centre of Victoria Island, to regain her powers, since the area is filled with life energy.

However, it seems that Alice has been sealed in the Root Abyss! To help her, you’ll have to defeat the four bosses in each gate.

The above video shows the ending of the Root Abyss storyline~ Thanks to Spadow for the video and chuanjun of EllinForest for the translations!

You reluctantly bring Alice to Ereb, because she has been sealed for so long and has not been able to see the world. However, you and her both know she will be safer there under the protection of Cygnus and Shinsoo. After Alice begins her sleep, Nineheart tells you that the Sealing Guardian has been revived. Who this is we don’t really know… but it probably means a new story will begin soon!

And we finally know where this picture takes place, in Root Abyss! More interesting is that we now know the identity of this mysterious person, none other than Demon’s brother, Damian!

Now let’s get into the bosses. First off, in the path to the left, lies Queen City. It’s really creepy with all the skulls and spiderwebs…

The boss for this area is the Bloody Queen. Definitely scary… I bet her head spins around to reveal something super hideous, haha.

The area to the bottom left leads to the Afternoon Tea Garden.

This is Pierre, another boss in the Root Abyss. I wonder what type of skills he uses…

The next area is called the Crack in Time, and it definitely looks that way.

Banban (name TBD) is the boss for this place. I guess he can control the power of time, although how a chicken got that power I don’t know, haha.

The last area is the Abyss Cave. This one definitely looks like it’s the big boss zone, haha.

This is the boss, Belum (again, name TBD). He’s huge! And I wonder if he’s really a dragon or a worm… we don’t really know what’s below the rocks.

This video (thanks to forad999!) shows the fights against Banban, Pierre, and Bloody Queen! They all have the Death Count system, and the items they drop are Epic if you fight them in their 140+ form. They all have some pretty unique skills compared to the past Maple bosses. They really give importance to your positioning in fights rather than raw damage.

Banban can make the timer advance a few seconds, I think it’s whenever you stand on that clock that he summons. He drops a hat that looks like his head, haha. Pierre has his tornado that leaves DoT tiles on the floor, he also drops a hat. Bloody Queen does a slash attack that inflicts different status effects on you, from her you can get a chair that looks like the one in her map.

Finally, Belum, who seems to have the most annoying fight of all. Every few seconds he will disappear into the ground and reappear, making it really hard to do damage to him. He can also fly out of the ground! He drops a hat like Banban and Pierre.


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