Magic Music Box Returns - 14 Nov – 27 Nov, 2012 (2 Weeks)

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Magic Music Box Returns - 14 Nov – 27 Nov, 2012 (2 Weeks)

Post by xRhaz on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 11:25

Magic Music Box Returns
14 Nov – 27 Nov, 2012 (2 Weeks)

Hello Maplers!

Magic Music Box has returned to prepare ourselves for the upcoming holiday season!

These magical music boxes once belonged to a legendary hero in the past and they contain great rewards for those who unlock them. However, you need to find the Hero’s Key from the monsters.

Once you’ve purchased a Magic Music Box from the Cash Shop, double-click it in your item inventory, and then use a Hero’s Key to open it for a special reward. One key can open one music box, and then both items will disappear.

Magic Music Box (1): 1,500 NX
Magic Music Box (11): 12,000 NX

Magic Music Box includes the following:
- Legend Coins
- Innocence Scrolls: Chance to reset all stats on an item except for its potential.
- Epic Potential Scrolls: When used on a rare potential item, it has a chance to upgrade to epic potential.
- Safety Scrolls:Prevents the loss of an upgrade slot when a scroll fails.
- 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star Enhancement Scrolls
- Lucky Day Scrolls: Increases success rate of next scroll use by 10%. Cannot be used with potential scrolls or enhancement scrolls.
- Protection Scrolls: Using this on a piece of equipment protects it from being destroyed by a failed scroll 1 time. Protection disappears after a successful scroll use and it cannot be used on items that have been successfully enhanced 8 or more times.
- Chaos Scrolls
- Lv.100 Legendary weapons
- Lv.140 weapons
- Special Hair Coupons
- Profession items such as 12 slot bags, Confusion Fragments, Philosopher's Stones, and Primal Essences
- Special Pendant of the Spirit (STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2 bonus)
- Princessoid Coupon - special Android

- Chair on the Range

- Easel Chair

- Music Box Chair: Cannot be traded.


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